From Dairy to Beef: How Bob F. Transformed His Carboor Farm with a New Shed


Bob F., a farmer in Carboor, was on the lookout for a reliable local business to build a new shed on his property. His search led him to Buffalo Built, and he couldn’t be happier with his choice.

When Bob visited the Buffalo Built headquarters in Wangaratta, he had a clear vision of what he needed. He specified the height and bay sizes he wanted for his new shed and made it clear he preferred a gable roof.

“They did the rest,” Bob shared with a smile.

Initially, Bob was taken aback by the quote, thinking it was a bit steep. However, he quickly realized that steel prices were on the rise.

“It was only going to get dearer,” he noted. “And the prices have kept going up since, so I’m glad I got in when I did.”

Bob is in the process of converting his former dairy farm into a beef operation, currently running Angus bulls over his dairy cows. Reflecting on the cost of livestock versus the shed, he chuckled, “Cows are dearer than sheds nearly.”

Bob’s property already had a few sheds, but they were either packed full or in a state of disrepair.

“I’ve got an old shed that’s no good and too dangerous to get up on it and fix,” he explained. It was clear to him that a new shed was a necessity. “I’ve got a heap of stuff that’s sitting there that needs to get out of the weather.”

The installation process was seamless, and Bob was pleased with the outcome. “The hardest part to deal with was council, so I’m glad I left that up to your office,” he said.

Special mention went to John, who handled all the council issues efficiently, ensuring the project stayed on track.

With his new shed in place, Bob is well on his way to enhancing his farm’s operations, keeping his equipment safe and secure from the elements.

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