COLORBOND® Steel – Shed Colour Range

COLORBOND® is Australia’s favourite coloured steel offering long life performance. Whether you’re coordinating shed colours with other COLORBOND® steel elements around your garage, barn, carport or farm shed, with 28 colours we can help you easily design your next shed project.

COLORBOND® steel has been tested to withstand everything for over 50 years in some of Australia’s most extreme conditions. An iconic Australian product known for its durability and design flexibility, COLORBOND® steel comes in a wide range of shed colours.

We recommend seeing actual COLORBOND® samples before ordering your shed kit to ensure you get the exact shed colours you need.

Shed Colours Available at Buffalo Built




Choosing the Right Shed Colours

The Buffalo Built team is here to help you find the right shed colours to suit your environment. Whether you’re after something that will fit in or stand out, we can offer advice and guidance on how colour can impact your shed project.

Shed Colours – Our Top Tips

Shed Colours for Hot Climates

If you live in a hot climate you should typically choose lighter colours for your shed – the lighter the colour, the better its reflective properties, ensuring heat is reflected away from the structure instead of absorbed into your shed. Steel sheds will still get warm in summer, but choosing a lighter-coloured roof and/or walls can mitigate some of the heat absorption.

The COLORBOND® website contains excellent information on the solar absorptance of each colour, which is expressed as a ratio between 0 and 1. Surfmist for example has a solar absorptance rating of 0.33. There are eleven cool roofing colours in the COLORBOND® steel core colour range featuring low Solar Absorptance (SA) values of less than or equal to 0.45, which is a benchmark used for homes but can be extrapolated to sheds to gain similar solar benefits.

Shed Colours for Cool Climates

In colder regions, dark colours tend to absorb the heat better and help keep your shed warmer, especially in the cold winter months. Monument, Basalt Grey and Basalt are popular dark COLORBOND colours. The darkest colour – Night Sky – has a solar absorptance rating of 0.95, meaning it is a great choice for cold climates where heat retention in your shed is important.

Matching Your Home, Garden and Landscaped Areas

If your shed is going to be situated close to your house, you can choose a colour that complements the exterior or roofing colour. Or, make a bold statement with a contrasting colour that stands out.

For sheds situated near your fence, you might like to match the colour of your existing fencing, particularly if this is also made from a COLORBOND fencing profile.

Consider the type and style of your lawn and gardens – grey-toned and subdued native plants may call for shed colours that blend with the surrounding environment, or you might like to draw the eye towards bright flowering plants. Formal and English cottage-style gardens may match best with a heritage colour that reflects the period style of your property.

To learn more, take a look at our article on choosing the right shed colours.