Rural Security for Your Farm Shed

26 May

Need to Know:

  • Rural crime costs Victorian farmers millions each year. 
  • Recommendations from the Farm Crime Coordination Unit include securing building products and tools when constructing sheds.
  • Tips for rural security include locking valuables in a shed, installing security lights and cameras, and building a farm shed within sight of your home.
  • It’s also a good idea to maintain an organized shed and use quality locks.
  • Combining these security measures and informing trusted neighbours when you’re away will give you the best protection against rural crime.
Picture of Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

In this Article:

Rural Security is a Big Issue

It’s estimated that rural crime has cost Victorian farmers more than $4 million in the past two years. Keeping the criminal element at bay is an ongoing battle for the region’s farmers, but there are things that you can do to minimise your risk by getting smart about rural security and securing your machinery, fodder and tools in a lockable farm shed.

The state’s Farm Crime Coordination Unit, which is responsible for educating rural residents and investigating rural crime, recommends landholders consider the security of building products and tools when erecting new buildings, farm sheds and stockyards.

Here are some tips from the Buffalo Built team to keep your possessions as safe as possible:

Out of sight, out of mind

Locking valuables, such as hay, machinery and tools, in a shed not only makes it harder for someone to steal these items but also hides temptation from would-be thieves. If they don’t know it’s there, there’s less chance it will disappear. Keeping these items out of the weather is an added bonus.

Lights, camera … catch them in action

When building your new farm shed think about the role electricity will play in keeping its contents safe. Planning to fit security lights and security cameras from the get-go will ensure you can integrate electricity wiring/cabling and mounts into the design.


It’s advised to build your shed within sight of your home. This is an added security measure as thieves are less likely to target a shed close to where people reside. There is also the added benefit that WiFi connectivity for security cameras is likely to be better closer to the house.


Spot when something is missing

Have you seen a really organised workshop or storage shed? Everything has its special place and when something is missing it’s easy to spot. An organised shed or workshop means the owner will notice an item is missing sooner, giving police a better chance of tracking down the offenders.

Personal Access Doors

Personal access doors, commonly referred to as PAs, are a great way to easily enter and exit your shed without having to open roller doors, and they make locking and unlocking easy as well. When designing your shed, make sure you ask about PA doors.

"Lock it or lose it! Securing your farm shed with quality roller doors, windows and locks make life that much harder for people trying to break in. And remember, a lock is of no use unless it’s activated."
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Our Top Tip for Rural Security

The best protection is a combination of all of the above. For example, a thief may bypass a lock on a shed with a battery-powered grinder, but if it’s close to the house they won’t want to risk the noise. Sensor lights or high-visibility security cameras are also great deterrents. Victoria Police also recommend:

  • Informing trusted neighbours when you are away from your property for any length of time
  • Displaying crime prevention and trespass signage
  • Install overt CCTV

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Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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