Skillion Sheds vs Gable Roof Sheds

6 June

Need to Know:

  • Good looks are just one aspect of your shed – the shape of your shed’s roof can also influence ventilation, cost and other factors. Skillion shed roofs offer more surface area which is good for solar panels or rainwater collection, however they can collect debris and leaves more easily.
  • Gable roofs give extra height in the centre, can offer better ventilation, and allow leaves to slide off the sides.
Picture of Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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Choosing Between a Gable and Skillion Roof

Skillion garages and sheds are popular, but the roof shape affects more than just the look of your shed. Different roof shapes can impact airflow, interior temperature, how much debris builds up on the roof, and the overall cost of your shed.

When it comes to deciding on the roof shape for your shed, you’ll want to consider factors such as:

  • what you’re using your shed for
  • your location, and
  • the desired look of the finished shed.

There is no right answer regarding the ‘best shed design’, but it’s good to know that different roof profiles can impact the functionality of your shed.

Skillion Sheds

A skillion roof is made from a single sloping plane, usually tilted towards one side or the rear of the building. This design creates a modern and streamlined look, with one high-pitched side and one lower side, resulting in a sharp, angular structure.

Skillion roof garages and farm sheds are a smart choice if you’re mounting solar panels or hooking up a rainwater collection system, as they provide a large collection surface.

However, in cold areas prone to snow, the entire weight of the snow will rest on the single roof surface, whereas a gable roof allows for weight distribution on both sides of the gable. This might be a deciding factor for you if your property is in the high country.

Skillion roofs tend to use slightly less COLORBOND®, but for really large sheds, a skillion design might require additional roof members, increasing the cost.

Gable Roof Sheds

A gable roof features a traditional triangular profile formed by two sloped sides that meet at a peak. This design creates a classic ‘house’ shape, giving the building a traditional feel and some increased height in the centre.

For big sheds with large spans, using gable trusses is an efficient way to reduce the amount of steel and materials required (and hence, the cost).

If you’re considering a steep gable roof, it’s worth noting that the roof’s steepness affects the width of the building and the span of the trusses, as all components need to be designed as a cohesive system.

"A gable roof profile also helps with air movement, encouraging warm air to move to the highest point in the shed. Gable roof sheds are ideal for hot environments, helping to cool the indoor temperature when combined with good ventilation such as whirlybirds and windows," says Ross.
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

What’s Best: a Skillion Shed or a Gable Shed?

Ultimately, the size of your shed is the main factor that influences pricing, but different roof options can sometimes be used to fit different budgets.

A gable roof will give you greater height in the middle – handy if you are storing tall equipment or vehicles. Gable roofs also allow leaves to easily slide off the sides, and rainfall and snow to be channelled into the guttering.

Although a skillion roof shed also has guttering, the flat expanse of roofing can sometimes make it harder for debris to slide off.

Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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