Shed Loads of Colour with Your COLORBOND Shed!

15 July

Need to Know:

  • When choosing the colour for your COLORBOND shed, consider its impact on your shed project and surroundings.
  • Buffalo Built offers a range of Colorbond colours for roofs, walls, doors, and gutters, allowing you to mix and match.
  • Think about factors like your property’s aesthetics, blending in with the environment, and temperature considerations: lighter colours reflect heat better and are suitable for hotter areas, while darker colours may retain heat.
  • Buffalo Built’s team can provide expert recommendations and assistance in choosing the best shed colours for your project.
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

In this Article:

How to Choose the Right Colour for Your COLORBOND Shed

Once you’ve selected your COLORBOND shed frame and design, there’s usually only one question left: what colour should my shed be? The Buffalo Built team is here to help you find the right shed colour scheme to suit your environment. Whether you’re after something that will fit in or stand out, we can offer advice and guidance on how colour can impact your shed project.

We offer a full range of Colorbond colours and encourage you to mix and match the colour of your roof, walls, doors and gutters to achieve the perfect look for your project. Our materials are sourced from Australian suppliers, ensuring their quality and demonstrating our commitment to our local economy.

What Colour is Best for My Shed? Our top tips.

1. Familiarise yourself with the options for COLORBOND Sheds

Colour may seem trivial, but it’s worth taking some time to think about because a Buffalo Built shed is going to be around for a lifetime. You don’t want to find there was an option you missed down the track so don’t gloss over the colour selection process.

2. What Colours Suit Your Home and Surrounding Areas?

It’s important that your shed contributes to the aesthetics of the property, not detracts. Many people use their homes, tanks, fencing and the surrounding landscape for colour inspiration for their sheds. Colorbond shed colours like Bluegum and Paperbark draw on the hues of the Australian bush, while Cottage Green and Classic Cream offer a classic heritage look.

3. What Do You Want the Colour to Achieve?

Conversely, instead of blending in, you may want your shed to stand out. For businesses, your steel structure can also play an important marketing role, with colours complementing your branding or making it stand out so it is more memorable. Think about how various shed colours might work with your logo or branding.

4. Mix and Match

Consider using different colours on different parts of your shed. If you like one colour in particular, ask your shed specialist about the kind of colours people usually match them with for gutters, roller doors etc.

5. COLORBOND Shed Colours and Their Effect on Heat

Your location’s temperature profile can have an impact on the best colours to choose for your COLORBOND shed. Temperature is an important consideration for the upkeep of the items you are to be storing or activities you will be doing in the shed – you want to be comfortable and ensure your farm equipment, fodder or whatever you are storing remains at an appropriate temperature.

"When it comes to colour choices, lighter colours reflect heat better, so are better in hot areas and for sheds directly in the sun without any shade. Dark sheds tend to stay warmer on the inside, and Colorbond’s matt colours also hold the heat a little more."
Ross Barker
Ross Barker
farm sheds
Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

COLORBOND Shed Colour Options: We’re Here to Help You Decide!

When selecting your shed colour, the team at Buffalo Built is on hand to assist with expert recommendations that are worth considering during your design process. Take a look at our Colorbond colour chart or contact us for advice on choosing the best colours for your shed project.