Reducing Shed Cost

13 March

Need to Know:

  • You can reduce the overall shed cost by choosing simple finishes and standard-sized components for materials, selecting a shed size that meets your needs but isn’t overly large or small, and considering which parts of the project you can do yourself if you have the skills.
  • Opting for a cheap shed can leave you with such as lower-quality materials, limited storage space, and fewer features like windows and insulation.
  • Think about the long-term value of your shed: a well-built and durable shed can last for decades, making the initial investment worthwhile. 
Picture of Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

In this Article:

3 Ways to Reduce the Shed Cost

Sheds are a great addition to any property, providing valuable storage space or the perfect place to work. It’s common sense to want to get the most cost-effective shed you can, whilst still ensuring that it meets your needs, and there are several ways to reduce the cost of your shed without compromising on quality or functionality.

1. Find ways to reduce the cost of building materials – stick to simple finishes and standard-sized components like roller doors.

2. Select a smaller shed size – but don’t compromise too much or you’ll end up with a shed that isn’t practical for your needs.

3. Consider which parts of the project you can do yourself such as site preparation.

Having said that, if you aren’t confident in your skills it’s smart to get support from your shed builder. And make sure you don’t attempt any electrical wiring unless you’re licensed!

Don’t skimp on professional costs associated with permits either – you’ll typically need a surveyor for any structure over 10m2.

Whether you’re adjusting the materials or the size, be careful not to compromise too much or you may end up with something that isn’t practical for your needs. Think about what you plan to use the shed for both now and in the future, and leave a sensible amount of breathing space if your needs change.

You can also take a look at which parts of the project you might be able to do yourself. If you have confidence in your abilities, doing some of the work yourself could lead to substantial savings.

That said, if you aren’t confident in your skills it’s smart to get support from your shed builder – sometimes it can be far more cost effective to pay someone to do it right the first go.


Some Drawbacks of a Cheaper Shed

  • A cheaper shed made of lower quality materials will not stand up to the elements as well as a shed made from quality Australian-made materials.
  • A cheaper shed may not have as many features as a more expensive shed, such as windows or insulation, which can reduce the comfort level if you’re working inside.
  • A cheaper shed may not be as structurally sound as a more expensive shed and may be more prone to damage in high winds.
  • A cheaper shed may not be large enough to store all of your gear, tools or equipment… and isn’t that why you’re getting a shed in the first place?

Getting a Shed That’s Value for Money

The average cost of a shed can fluctuate because it’s primarily made from steel: a commodity that is exposed to price variances in line with supply chain trends and exchange rates.

Small DIY sheds are obviously the most budget-friendly, but many customers come to us looking for something more substantial. They want a shed that is strong, durable and built to last, which many off-the-shelf DIY kits are not. We can supply you with a kit too – but it’s vastly superior quality than a mass-produced model and will stand the test of time.

"If you want to get the most value for your money when building a shed, consider how many years you’re likely to be enjoying it for. Knowing that your shed will last for decades will take some of the sting out of the initial investment."
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

How to Choose the Right Shed for You


The most important factor is undoubtedly the size of the shed. Choose a shed size that fits your needs – both now and in the future. If you get something too small, you’ll be cramped for space and won’t be able to store all of your belongings. On the other hand, if you get something too large, you’ll be wasting valuable space on your property.

If you’re storing a boat, tractor, caravan or other vehicles, make sure you measure the size of the opening you’ll need. This is one inflexible factor that you have to work around!


Think about what you will be storing in your shed – are you looking for a livestock shed, somewhere for your farm equipment, caravan or boat storage, or perhaps a workshop? How you use your shed will be a defining factor in how it’s designed. You may need an open structure, an enclosed lockable shed, or a combination of the two. Take a look at some of our previous projects for inspiration.


Do you want your shed to match the aesthetic of your home or other buildings on the property, or are you content with something a little more agricultural? There are many different styles of sheds, and as a rule of thumb, the fancier-looking the shed, the more it costs.

Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

For a structure that you’re going to use for years, it’s best to leave the design and construction to the experts.

Buffalo Built is a Registered Builder in Victoria and an Accredited Contractor in NSW, and we can take care of the whole project for you. From erecting your shed to applying for permits, creating technical drawings, determining local wind loads and more, we take the headache out of building your shed.

Contact our friendly local team to start the conversation about your dream shed.