For many homebuilders, the first step they take is building a shed.

This was the case for Laura F., from Wangaratta, who engaged Buffalo Built to help.

Laura says they bought some land to build a home on, but chose to build the shed first to store equipment and building supplies.

“We love Buffalo Built,” she says.

“We used them before at our other place.

“So when we needed a new garage we knew where we were going.”

Laura spoke with Buffalo Built Managing Director Ross Barker who helped her design a 10m by 7m residential shed.

“When we designed it we didn’t have anything in particular in mind,” she says.

“We were just thinking down the track we might need it big enough for a caravan.

“At the moment it’s about extra storage.”

She was also thinking ahead to the house build, which is now complete.

The shed and house have the same colour Colorbond roofs – night sky.

She was also pleased their builders were able to source bricks with black flecks in them to suit as well.

While the build of the garage was completed first, with some planning and care, the shed and home were able to fit together perfectly. 

“It was so easy,” Laura says.

“I just told them what we wanted and what size.

“Ross and the Buffalo team are fantastic.

“They did everything, even the permits.”

Laura was also pleased with the installation.

“It all went smoothly, they put the shed up in less than a week,” she says.

“We’re really happy with it.

“We’ve recommended Buffalo Built to others.”

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