Skillion Garage


When repeat customer Ross B. needed another shed he knew just who to call.

He first dealt with Ross Barker from Buffalo Built Sheds, three years ago, and was impressed enough he didn’t need to look at other options this time around.

“When this job came along I just went to Buffalo Built and said ‘Do your best’.”

He fully trusted that Buffalo Built would get the job done right and at the right price.

“I had good experience before with them delivering on time and as promised so it was an easy decision,” he says.

Ross was subdividing a granny flat off his main home block at Yackandandah and required a custom garage/storage shed to go with it.

“We wanted a shed that matched the house,” he says.

This was not just matching the Woodland Grey Colorbond of the house, but also the fact it was installed horizontally, not the traditional vertical.

The roof pitch of 5 degrees also needed to match the house.

The skillion garage is 6m by 7.5m and also has extra insulation.

“It’s come in as promised and on time,” Ross says.

“It all happened pretty quickly.

“Once again I’m happy with how it all went.”

He described the process as “hassle free” regarding permits and project management from the Buffalo Built team.

“If we have a need for another one, Buffalo Built will be the first call I make.”

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