Rural Workshop

Winton, Victoria

Shane C. is a repeat customer at Buffalo Built.

He proudly calls his latest shed his “retirement shed” and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

The previous shed he built with Buffalo was a little bigger, but his latest structure has a concrete floor in two bays for a workshop.

It will also store farm equipment in its three four-metre open bays to protect them from the weather.

The shed, located at Winton in North East Victoria, has a total length of 20m and is 4.2m high.

Shane says it was an easy decision to come to Buffalo Built for his new project, after the first went so smoothly.

“It was good, no worries at all, with either project,” he says.

“I really liked that they kept me informed.”

Shane designed the shed to his specifications, which also included a window, personal access door and skylights.

“I gave Ross the design and he gave me the quote,” he says.

Shane says that John was also a good project manager and kept him informed throughout the process.

His next project is to build a house, but he doesn’t think he will be able to convince his wife to build a shed-house.

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