Unveiling the Ultimate Toy Shed: A Home for Big Boys’ Toys by Buffalo Built


When Kiel W. found himself in need of a new dwelling for his beloved “big boys’ toys,” the choice was clear: Buffalo Built. Living in Wangaratta, he was already familiar with the impeccable reputation of the sheds crafted by the Barker family, and he entrusted them to handle the entire project from inception to completion.

For Kiel, the process was seamless. “They made it real easy,” he recalls. Entrusting Buffalo Built with everything from the initial concrete work to navigating the complexities of council permits, he was able to sit back and watch his vision come to life.

This shed wasn’t just a standalone structure; it was an integral part of a larger plan to complement a newly built home. Spanning an impressive 216 square meters, it stands as a testament to both functionality and aesthetics. Adorned in the striking Monument Colorbond color, it boasts a commanding presence that catches the eye and adds to the appeal of the property.

Navigating the intricacies of council permits was a necessary step in bringing this vision to fruition. However, with Buffalo Built at the helm, the process was streamlined, allowing Kiel to focus on the excitement of creating his dream space. Today, the shed serves as a haven for his prized possessions, including a bar and his cherished boat, embodying the essence of a true “toy shed.”

Kiel is particularly impressed with the functionality of the shed’s design, boasting two large industrial roller doors, a personal access door, and two smaller roller doors. It’s a space that not only meets but exceeds his expectations, delivering precisely what he desired. Thanks to Buffalo Built, Kiel now enjoys a space that perfectly balances form and function, providing a home for his passions and reflecting his unique style.

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