A Farmer’s Journey to Building the Perfect Shed in Wangaratta


After months of meticulous planning and a gentle nudge from his wife, a dedicated farmer from Moyhu in North East Victoria has transformed his vision into reality with a Buffalo Built shed. His journey began with a simple newspaper ad that led him to the shed experts at Buffalo Built.

For 18 months, this farmer carefully considered every detail of his shed project. His research brought him to Ross Barker at 18 Murrell Street, Wangaratta, where he explored various options. “I went to the optimum range and when Ross put it all together, it was just too much,” he recalls. Despite an initial setback with the quote exceeding his expectations, he took some time to reconsider. “I sat on it for six to eight months,” he says, reflecting on his decision-making process.

Encouraged by his wife, he revisited the plans and made some adjustments, but the quote still seemed daunting. “My wife said, ‘don’t be stupid, do it,’” and that was the push he needed. Today, the farmer proudly owns a 15m by 9m multi-purpose farm storage shed and workshop. The shed is a significant asset to his agricultural business, and he is currently working on adding a mezzanine floor and planning to install electricity.

The shed has not only met his practical needs but has also garnered admiration from others. “I’ve had a lot of compliments on how good it looks,” he shares with pride. Satisfied with his investment, he has already referred a fellow farmer to Buffalo Built, emphasizing the overall cost-effectiveness. “I was talking to someone, a very shrewd operator, and he said overall costs are cheaper than to build a shed you see on TV for cheaper, once you add in all the extra costs.”

If you’re considering sheds in Wangaratta, take a leaf out of this farmer’s book and trust the experts at Buffalo Built to bring your vision to life.



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