Multi-Purpose Farm Shed


When Nick W. decided to build a farm shed on his Newham property, he put in a lot of thought and care to design it to his exact needs.

He designed a shed that would act as a closed-in garage as well as an open ended storage facility in one.

Nick was also strategic with his selection of shed builder and we’re very happy he chose Buffalo Built for the job.

“I was looking for a RHS frame shed which narrowed it down to three or four,” he says.

“It wasn’t that you guys were the cheapest.

“However, your availability was good and my dealings with Ross were good as well – he seemed to know his stuff.”

Nick’s design and his confidence in Buffalo Built’s ability to bring his vision to life were a winning combination.

He chose to install a cement slab only in the garage portion of the shed, where it will be most useful.

Maximising the potential for harvesting solar energy was also considered.

The roof of the shed is 30 degrees, in preparation for it to be loaded up with solar panels.

The shed is storing hay at the moment and has been storing building materials and equipment while his new home is being built at the same location.

The house build is still ongoing, but for now Nick is pleased the shed is ready and is looking forward to using it for its many purposes for many years to come.

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