Multi-Purpose Farm Shed


When Nick W. set his sights on building a farm shed on his Newham property, he dedicated time and effort to craft a design that met his precise requirements. The result? A versatile shed combining a closed-in garage with an open-ended storage facility.

Nick was meticulous in his choice of shed builder, and we’re thrilled he entrusted Buffalo Built with the task.

“I was looking for an RHS frame shed which narrowed it down to three or four,” Nick recalls. “It wasn’t that you guys were the cheapest. However, your availability was good and my dealings with Ross were good as well—he seemed to know his stuff.”

Nick’s well-thought-out design paired with his confidence in Buffalo Built’s expertise made for a seamless collaboration. He opted to lay a cement slab only in the garage section of the shed, ensuring practicality and efficiency.

Sustainability was also a key consideration. The shed’s roof, angled at 30 degrees, is primed for solar panel installation, maximizing its potential for harvesting solar energy.

Currently, the shed is serving as a storage hub for hay and building materials, providing essential space while Nick’s new home is under construction. Though the house is still in progress, Nick takes satisfaction in knowing his shed is fully operational and ready to support his needs for many years to come.

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