Transparency in Quoting: A Winning Choice for Sheds in Wangaratta


When it came time for a Wangaratta farmer to build a new hay shed, transparency in quoting was the decisive factor. With a keen eye for detail and a clear vision for what was needed, she found the perfect partner in Aaron and his team. The result? A robust RHS hot-dip galvanised frame hay shed, boasting two cladded sides and a substantial footprint of 270 square meters (18 x 15 x 5).

“We met with Aaron, and he was lovely to deal with,” the farmer recalls. “Price was a heavy factor and they were local. They had also done repairs for us on an existing shed, so we knew their work was good.”

Transparency in quoting sealed the deal. Aaron provided detailed insights into the various materials and manufacturing processes, making it easier for the farmer to compare options. “The original quote did not have enough information, but Aaron got me more detail to satisfy me I was making the right decision,” she explains. This level of detail and openness was not common with other quotes, which made her confident she was getting the best deal and fully understood the project’s scope.

The construction process was smooth and hassle-free. With contractors like Russell Gee on the job, the farmer faced no issues. “It all went fine. We were concerned about doors flapping, but they were helpful in getting bolts to stop this. They were excellent – I don’t have a bad word to say,” she adds.

Timing was also fortuitous, as a $5000 Victorian Government grant for fodder storage provided the final push. “We had nowhere to store hay and had been talking about it for a while, but that was the catalyst,” she says. Now, with the new shed in place, the farm is better equipped to handle its hay storage needs, and the farmer couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

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