A New Chapter for Manor Hill Farm


Location: Wangandary, North East Victoria
Project: Hay Shed Installation

In the tranquil expanse of Wangandary, North East Victoria, Ken and Annette G. have embarked on an exciting new chapter, bringing life to their farming dreams with the addition of a new hay shed to their property.

The couple, seeking solace from Melbourne’s stringent lockdowns and aiming to be nearer to their family, made the move to the countryside. Their daughter and son-in-law, already settled next door, found the perfect opportunity when “Manor Hill Farm” came up for sale.

Since acquiring the property, Ken and Annette have dedicated their efforts to enhancing the farm’s infrastructure. Their latest achievement, the installation of a new hay shed, marks a significant milestone in their journey toward self-sufficiency and agricultural success.

Ken recalls the initial steps of their project, “I started by searching for shed builders online and visited several places in Wangaratta. Buffalo Built stood out with their impressive offerings.”

The process was swift and seamless, thanks to the responsiveness of Ross from Buffalo Built. “It’s not very big, but it meets our needs perfectly,” Ken notes, reflecting on the 12m by 8m shed that now stands proudly on their property. Recently, they laid gravel around the shed, ensuring it’s primed for storing bought-in hay, keeping it safe from the elements.

Ken and Annette’s small herd of black Angus cattle will greatly benefit from the hay stored in their new shed, a testament to their commitment to improving their farm and securing their livestock’s well-being for years to come.

Buffalo Built is proud to have played a part in Ken and Annette’s farming journey, providing them with a quality shed that supports their vision and needs. As they continue to enhance Manor Hill Farm, the new hay shed stands as a symbol of their dedication and the promise of a prosperous future in North East Victoria.

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