Trent B. decided he’d had enough of setting up his camping trailer, so he upgraded to a caravan.

This meant he also needed a new shed to house it.

Trent, from Woodvale in Victoria, found Buffalo Built with a Google search and says he’s pleased he did.

It all started with a quote on this very website – click the quote button at the top right hand side of the page if you would like to be like Trent.

“I was pretty slow working out what I wanted and I changed the size a few times,” he remembers.

“Ross was very helpful and nothing was too much trouble.”

Trent ended up selecting a 5m by 10m garage.

His main concern was making sure it was high enough to fit a caravan in, with a roller door and a PA door for access.

He says there was some frustration with delays on all parts of the project.

The shed’s arrival, along with the caravan and vehicle to tow it, were all slow to arrive due to Covid delays.

But it’s happy days now, with the whole set up in action.

He also praised Buffalo Built’s new Site Supervisor Adrian Chamberlain for going the extra mile with some site clean up when he visited recently.

“Looking at it now, it’s a top quality shed and I’m pretty happy with it,” Trent says.

The shed matches the water tank and roof of the house as well.

The only disappointment is that he’d hoped to have a bigger shed to fit tractors or other items in.

He’s eyeing off building a big hay shed next and we will be ready to help him when he wants to go ahead.

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