Domestic Garage


Who better to give you advice about building a shed than your father?

So when Emily S.’s father recommended Ross Barker, from Buffalo Built, for the job, she gave him a call.

“I needed a new shed and my dad recommended Ross,” Emily says.

“Ross came out and had a look, measured it up and gave me some quotes and we went from there.”

Emily was so impressed and comfortable with the process that she didn’t get any further quotes.

“I just went with that, I was happy,” she says.

The domestic garage has a footprint of 67 square metres and a height of 2.7m.

The skillion roof has a pitch of five degrees and the project was constructed using Colorbond’s popular Shale Grey.

The word she most used to describe the shed build was “easy”.

“Everyone was really helpful and it was just easy,” she says.

“I did have a bit of a problem with a drain situation but it was fixed up soon enough.”

The shed is now used as storage and her daughter rides her bike on the concrete.

“My old one was leaking, had asbestos and was horrible, so my new shed is fantastic.”

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