American Barn House


An American Barn in Wangaratta

Ever since she took a month-long trip to the US to visit her son who was working there, Loretta M. has wanted her own American barn.

American barn house style sheds are gaining popularity across Victoria due to their traditional country-style appearance and practical interior layout.

American Barn House Kit from Buffalo Built

This striking American barn with COLORBOND® cladding is Loretta’s pride and joy at her property in Wangaratta. It’s dressed in Manor Red COLORBOND® and complemented by a Woodland Grey roof and Classic Cream trims and doors.

“At first I was going to have a charcoal barn, but Wangaratta Council wouldn’t agree to that colour,” she says.

It was fortuitous as the red American barn house is loved by all who see it.

“Everyone comments on it,” Loretta says. “Even people who I talk to that drive by on their way into town. Everyone says it’s an amazing colour – it goes so well.”

The barn boasts a footprint of more than 100 square metres and features a mezzanine floor which is being used as an office, plus Apex windows. It is fitted out with a big concrete apron and a path to the house. Loretta has also installed plantation shutters to achieve the look she was after.

Barn Design Experts

The barn shed was fully designed, manufactured and installed by the Buffalo Built team, who have a wealth of experience in American barn designs.

“Getting the roof pitch right is essential,” says Ross Barker.

“Without the right equations and angles, they just don’t look like a barn, so your shed builder really needs to get the measurements correct for the three sections and also the pitch of the roof,” adds Ross.

Partner With a Shed Builder You Can Trust

“The reason I chose Buffalo Built is because they’re the best in town. Why would I go anywhere else?” Loretta says.

She says several people had recommended building with the Barker family, so she went into the head office in Wangaratta to find out more. It was here that Managing Director Ross Barker gave her the idea of adding a mezzanine floor.

“He took me upstairs and showed me the one at the Buffalo Built office in Murrell Street,” she says.

“I look at the barn every day and I see it and absolutely love it,” she says.

Many people use American barn house sheds as stables, with stalls on the side and a breeze-away down the middle. Likewise, mechanics love the barn shed design because they can position their hoists in the centre.

As for Loretta, she is a qualified interior designer and also a bookkeeper, and her barn has a kitchen and bathroom as well as an office set up on the mezzanine floor.

“It was all perfectly done, there were no problems, it’s the most amazing shed,” she says.

“The build was exceptional, the fella who put it up was amazing. They paid amazing attention to details and they were very clean and neat.”

Customised American Barn Designs

All Buffalo Built barns are customisable with an almost limitless range of options and can be designed to suit your individual style and space requirements.

American barns have a choice of customisable options including roller doors, personal access doors, glass and/or steel sliding doors, windows, spinner vents, skylights, as well as wall and roof insulation.

An alternative style of Australian barn is also available from Buffalo Built: Unlike the American barn, the Australian made barn doesn’t have a drop from the centre roof section, but still has internal columns where the centre pitch joins a lean-to on both sides.

House or Shed?

Ross says that barns are also popular for those building living quarters because you can have the option of a mezzanine floor. Many shed designs can be adapted to create a cosy living space, however there are some additional planning and council requirements to work through.

No matter what you’re using your barn for, Ross and the Buffalo Built team are here to help you get the perfect design for your needs. Made from a range of stylish COLORBOND® steel colours, our long-lasting robust sheds and American barn houses carry a quality guarantee.

Contact our team to find out more about building a barn you can enjoy for years to come.

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