How Farm Sheds Are Revolutionising Modern Agriculture

18 January

Modern farm sheds are at the heart of the revolution in agriculture. As farms continue to modernise and evolve, so too will the humble farm shed.

Buffalo Built is proud to be a part of this exciting transformation, helping our clients achieve their agricultural goals with our custom-built, durable and cost-effective farm sheds.

Picture of Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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Farm Sheds – An Essential Part of Agriculture

Farm sheds are an essential part of rural life, from thriving agribusiness operations to small hobby farms and everything in between.

Once seen as mere storage spaces, farm sheds are now recognised as a pivotal component of modern agricultural operations. They play a critical role in all kinds of situations, from providing shelter for machinery and livestock to serving as processing or packing areas.

They keep your equipment secure, your machinery protected, your fodder dry and important supplies safe – in fact, it’s hard to imagine a farm without a shed!

Farm sheds have truly become a cornerstone of efficient farm management, and at Buffalo Built we’re carrying on the Aussie tradition of building tough, reliable, long-lasting sheds.

timber farm sheds

Historical Evolution of Sheds in Australia

The humble farm shed in Australia has a rich and storied history. Early settlers were often farming in isolated areas, and faced with enormous environmental and financial challenges, they constructed simple wooden sheds to meet their basic farming needs.

Over time the agricultural sector grew and evolved and these rudimentary farm sheds evolved into more robust and durable structures made of corrugated iron and steel. This update to shed designs and materials ensured that farmers and property owners could keep pace with continued growth in the agricultural sector and manage farm operations in our challenging climate.

Modern Innovations in Farm Shed Design

These days, farm shed designs are stronger, more sophisticated and more robust than ever before. Key innovations include the introduction of better ventilation systems, better security thanks to strong roller doors, improved water catchment systems and practical modular designs that allow for easy expansion as farming operations grow. Solar systems are also seeing increased uptake, helping to lessen reliance on grid power in rural areas.

These improvements not only boost agricultural productivity but also contribute to making farming more efficient and sustainable.

Modern farm sheds illustrate how design and technology can come together to meet the demands of the agricultural sector. Using strong materials like COLORBOND steel and aesthetically pleasing finishes like timber sliding doors and skillion roofs, farm sheds can be beautiful as well as practical.

Real-Life Case Studies: Buffalo Built’s Customers

The impact of these modern farm sheds is seen most clearly through the work we do with our customers.

For example, a stone fruit orchard in Cobram was able to better protect expensive picking machinery and equipment after transitioning to a state-of-the-art shed. We delivered two strong, long-lasting structures to protect their valuable produce, machinery and crates from the harsh environment. Uniquely designed with a strategic layout specifically for the orchard’s needs, the coolroom shed and machinery sheds perfectly suit the way they operate their business.

Similarly, our customer Mick P from Glenrowan needed better housing for his horses and space to store farm equipment. The structures we designed delivered comfortable quarters for his horses, and allowed plenty of flexible workshop space, further demonstrating the transformative power of modern farm sheds.

polwarth barn
“I found the whole journey from start to finish was a great experience. Buffalo Built walked us through the whole program so we knew what we were going to get, and when we were going to get it. It was seamless from permits to engineering – everything went smoothly.”
Mick P, Glenrowan
Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

How Buffalo Built Can Help

Buffalo Built specialises in designing and building modern, practical farm sheds that are built to withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in Australia. Whether you’re an agribusiness operator, a farmer, or a rural property owner, Buffalo Built is committed to providing a long-lasting and tailored solution to your needs.

Our team understands the unique challenges of the agricultural sector and we design sheds that meet both your current needs and potential growth in the future. Get in touch with our team for support and advice.