8 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Farm Sheds

31 January

Farm sheds are an essential part of any agricultural operation, large or small. They provide a safe, secure space for keeping tools and farm equipment, give you a spacious workshop area or create a clean dry space to store fodder for livestock.

But like any other structure, farm sheds require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good condition and remain fit for purpose.

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The Importance of Maintenance

It’s way more cost-effective to maintain a structure than to pay for extensive repairs. Regular maintenance is part and parcel of keeping your farm shed looking good for decades to come.

By following a few simple guidelines and giving your shed a bit of attention every now and then, you can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems and get the most out of your investment.

8 Maintenance Tips for Farm Sheds

Here are our top maintenance tips that can help extend the life of your farm sheds:

1. Regular Inspections: Make a habit of inspecting your shed regularly. Look for signs of damage, such as leaks, corrosion, peeling paint, damaged door seals or other minor damage, and address any issues immediately.

2. Exterior Cleaning: Clean your shed regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. A simple hose-down every now and then should suffice – horizontal cladding can attract more dust in dry weather so it will require more regular cleaning.

3. Pest Control: Keep pests like mice and birds at bay by ensuring any gaps are filled, and keep an eye out for signs of infestation. Vermin seal flashing can be included in your shed design – this keeps vermin out but also keeps a lot of dust out as well.

4. Roof and Gutters: Just like with your home, your rainwater system needs regular checks and cleaning to ensure dirt and debris don’t build up in gutters and create pooled water. A heavy load of leaves and debris trapped on roofs and in gutters can also pose a fire hazard, so make sure you regularly clean leaves and debris away.

5. Door and Window Maintenance: Ensure the doors and windows are functioning correctly. Lubricate hinges and check for signs of damage to seals, runners, or locks.

6. Roller Doors: We recommend reaching out to a professional roller door technician to service your motorised roller doors every two to three years. Not only does this ensure the motor is in top shape, but they can also adjust the tension as the door ages, which will avoid motor burnout in the future.

7. Proper Ventilation: Ventilation helps to prevent mould and mildew from forming. If damp items are stored in your shed ensure you air it out as much as possible by opening the doors and windows.

8. Safe Storage and Handling: Store items such as fuel, chemicals, gas bottles and oils safely and logically to prevent any spills, which can create a safety hazard and potentially damage the finish of your shed.

"Stay on top of your shed maintenance - catching any potential issues early can save you money down the track."
Ross Barker
Ross Barker
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Essential Resources

For more detailed information on maintaining your shed, we recommend you refer to manufacturer recommendations and maintenance guides for components such as COLORBOND® roof and wall sheeting. These will give you specific cleaning and maintenance recommendations to maintain the warranty of your shed.

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