The Handover Process for Your Shed

18 July

You’ve been planning it for months – even years – and your new shed is finally under construction!

In this article, Buffalo Built’s Managing Director, Ross Barker, outlines what you need to know about the completion and handover portion of your project.

Picture of Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

In this Article:

The Process of Building a Shed

You’ve got your permits in order, you’ve paid your progress invoices, your slab and footings have been laid, and your kit has been fabricated and delivered to your property.

It’s time to get building!

Your shed kit will be professionally installed by our trusted trade partners or supplied to you as a DIY kit if you’re going down the do-it-yourself path.

"During the construction process, your installer will erect the frame of your shed, clad it in your chosen finish, fit the doors and windows, and fix the guttering and downpipes ready for connection to your stormwater service," says Ross.
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

What Happens When Shed Construction is Complete?

Once your shed has been put together securely, you can bring in other trades such as your plumber to make the stormwater connections, or your electrician to safely connect lighting and install power points.

At this point, your shed is functionally complete, but there are a few more steps before we make it official.

Most of this revolves around ensuring that you’re happy with the quality of the build, your installation crew has provided a professional service, and that all moving parts are functioning properly.

Your Buffalo Built Project Manager will arrange a site visit and final inspection to go over the following points and ensure you’re satisfied with your new shed.

What We Look for on Completion

  • All guttering and downpipes are fitted and ready for your plumber to make stormwater connections.
  • Personal access doors and roller doors are installed correctly and moving freely.
  • Roller door seals neatly meet the slab to create a weathertight seal.
  • All steel members, COLORBOND sheeting and door and window frames are neatly finished, with no sharp edges or unnecessary gaps.
  • The concrete slab is inspected to ensure there are no cracks or damage.
  • The overall structure is well presented with no damaged panels.
  • Your property is left neat and tidy with all building debris and rubbish removed.

Once you and your project manager have gone over the shed in detail and ensured everything is up to spec, you can finally sign off on the project.

From here, your installer will invoice you directly for the construction component, and you can get stuck into enjoying your fantastic new space!

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Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

Start Designing your Australian Made Shed with Buffalo Built

The Buffalo Built team is here to help you through the whole process and take the stress out of your shed project.

From design to final handover, we’re here to ensure you get the perfect shed for your property.