Galvanised vs Painted Steel Frames: What’s the Best Choice?

10 April

There are a few different types materials that your shed frame can be constructed from: timber, hot dip galvanised steel, painted steel, and a Bluescope Steel product called GALVASPAN®. We don’t deal in timber – we focus on steel – and in this article, Ross walks through the different steel options for farm sheds. 

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Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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Hot Dip Galvanised vs Painted Steel Frames: What is the Best Choice for Sheds Wangaratta?

How Hot Dip Galvanised Steel is Made

Hot dip galvanised (HDG) steel is steel covered in a protective zinc coating, which protects the steel from corrosion.

The galvanising process involves cleaning the steel and immersing it in a bath of molten zinc solution at around 450 degrees. The liquid zinc adheres to the metal, and when pulled out of the bath, this hardens to form a tough outer coating of zinc. This shields the inner steel core from moisture and protects it against rust and corrosion.

On the other hand, painted steel is a basic and cost-effective way to protect a farm shed against the elements. In this process, the steel is sandblasted to clean any mill scale and to roughen the surface so the paint will stick. The paint is then sprayed onto the clean steel surface to provide a protective layer.

Galvanised RHS (Rolled Hot Formed Steel) vs Painted Steel

Both galvanised painted steel have their advantages. Galvanised steel is durable with a scratch-resistant coating and provides both cathodic and barrier protection to steel, ensuring longer-lasting protection with less maintenance over time.

Painted steel is generally not resistant to scratching but provides barrier protection only. When scratches occur, corrosion of the underlying steel is limited. However, an enamel top coat will provide longer-lasting protection and give you infinite colour choices, compared to galvanised steel which is only available in silver.

GALVASPAN®: An Economy Option

GALVASPAN® is a Bluescope Steel product that is available in our Eco range of sheds. It offers a cost-effective alternative for light-duty applications like garages and garden sheds for Wangaratta residents, whilst still providing corrosion resistance.

Our Eco range is made from a GALVASPAN® steel frame with a full range of COLORBOND® colours Contemporary, Classic and Matt colours plus ZINCALUME®.

"Galvaspan is a great choice for situations where heavy-duty resistance to corrosion is not as crucial."
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Recommendations from Buffalo Built Sheds Wangaratta, Mansfield and Braeside

At Buffalo Built, we recommend hot dip galvanised steel for heavy-duty applications where durability is critical. This includes situations such as coastal or wet areas where salt in the air can speed up corrosion, livestock shelters where animal waste can be corrosive, and structures that are frequently washed and are regularly wet.

For light-duty applications like garden sheds and garages, Galvaspan is generally a good option. We don’t typically recommend painted steel due to its limited corrosion resistance.

Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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