Colorbond Sheds: Do They Need Insulation?

22 October

“Is it necessary to put insulation inside COLORBOND® sheds?”

It’s a question a lot of Buffalo Built customers ask our shed experts. Managing Director Ross Barker, who has a lifetime of shed-building experience, says the answer is “absolutely”. 

The relatively minor additional expense of shed insulation is well worth it – let’s look at some of the benefits and the types of insulation available for most styles of COLORBOND® sheds.

Picture of Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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Why is Insulation Important for COLORBOND® sheds?

1. It Prevents Condensation

One of the key reasons to install insulation inside COLORBOND® sheds is to stop condensation from forming due to weather fluctuations. Condensation is water that collects as droplets on a cold surface when surfaces come into contact with humid air.

In a shed, condensation can then “rain” down on whatever is stored below, such as vehicles, furniture or boxes. In the case of farm sheds, this could be machinery or hay. This damp environment can encourage mould growth, rust and other issues that you would rather avoid. However, by lining the roof of your shed with insulation you can stop condensation from forming, and protect your goods from moisture damage.

Note that in North East Victoria, where Buffalo Built is based, even open carports can still get condensation at some times of the year.

2. It Prevents Wild Temperature Fluctuations

The other reason to install insulation is to protect your shed’s contents from fluctuations in temperature so they don’t get excessively hot or cold. This simple addition can improve the lifespan of your machinery and fodder.

It can also help protect items like paint, fuels and chemicals from potentially dangerous heat.

Which Insulation for COLORBOND® Sheds?

"Some people choose to use Sisalation®, a type of reflective wall wrap membrane or sarking designed to protect against radiant heat and to stop condensation. Whether you’re designing a residential or rural project, you’ll need wire support mesh to hold this wall wrap in place."
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Alternatively, Buffalo Built often recommends a 4mm Sancell insulation product. This is a general-purpose reflective foil insulation, vapour barrier and radiant heat barrier product suitable for roof, wall and floor systems. When using Buffalo’s standard purlin spacings in the roof, Sancell doesn’t require support mesh. It’s also Australian-made, neater, easier to install, has a longer lifespan and does a much better job of insulating.

About 90 per cent of Buffalo Built sheds have insulation, and 90 per cent of those projects use the Sancell 4mm product.

shed roof detail

Where Should Insulation be Installed?

The team at Buffalo Built recommends installing insulation in every shed roof and also recommends wall insulation for COLORBOND® sheds that are going to be used as shed homes and studios.

If the shed is going to be used as a dwelling, there are several other products that provide a higher level of insulation – we’re happy to discuss these options during the custom design process.

Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

Buffalo Built Sheds Wangaratta and Mansfield

If you would like to talk about the insulation requirements of your new shed, please phone the Buffalo Built team or get in touch via email.