Colorbond Sheds for Boat Storage

14 November

Need to Know:

  • A boat is almost always a sizable investment, so it makes sense to care for it properly with a purpose-built boat shed.
  • COLORBOND® sheds from Buffalo Built provide the perfect way to keep your boat secure, in top condition, and ready for action – plus a quality shed will add value to your property.
  • Buffalo Built’s COLORBOND® sheds can be fully customised with roller doors, personal access doors, steel or glass sliding doors, windows, whirlybirds, skylights, and wall and roof insulation.

In this Article:

Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

Why COLORBOND® Sheds Are Ideal for Boats

Protects Your Boat From Harsh Weather

One of the main reasons our customers build boat storage sheds is to keep their vessel out of the rain and away from damaging sun. Even though plastic boat components and canvas features like biminis and covers are made to withstand the weather, UV rays eventually cause fading and damage. Rain and wet environments can tarnish stainless steel fittings and promote mould growth.

Boat sheds made from COLORBOND® steel provide a simple way to protect your asset and prevent PVC upholstery from cracking, paint from fading and wood from excessive drying or warping.

A Secure Boat Storage Option

Security is a key concern for boat owners, which is why a lockup garage-style shed with a roller door is the most popular way to store your boat. Carport shelters provide good protection too, but aren’t as secure as fully lockable COLORBOND® sheds.

"A lock-up garage is the best option to ensure your boat isn’t a target for vandals or thieves and it gives you the freedom to store loose items like tools and fishing gear safely in your boat."
Ross Barker
Ross Barker
Garage Shed

Adds Value to Your Property

Even if you’re not in your ‘forever home’, it’s worth looking at building a boat shed to house your asset now – and add value to your property later. If you sell in the future, lockable COLORBOND® sheds are a great value-add for potential buyers looking to store their boat, car, equipment or other garage items.

When designing your boat storage shed, think about potential future uses and whether you need to add some extra storage room or different door configurations to enable your shed to be transformed into a different type of storage area later on.

Customising COLORBOND® Sheds for Boats

Whether you have a tinny or a luxe fishing boat, we can help you build a boat shed to match your needs. Our garage sheds offer a range of different footing connection options, plus a variety of roller doors, personal access doors, steel or glass sliding doors, windows, whirlybirds, skylights, and wall and roof insulation. 

Your garage can also provide rainwater collection via premium corrosion-resistant COLORBOND® steel guttering and downpipes, and we can help you select a rainwater tank to connect to your shed.

All Buffalo Built’s boat storage sheds are fully customisable and built to withstand the harshest Australian conditions.

Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

Colorbond Boat Sheds: Practical, Spacious and Secure

From brilliant boat sheds to practical garages and carports, the team at Buffalo Built Sheds Wangaratta and Mansfield is here to help bring your shed project to life.

To find out more about boat storage shed designs or get advice on permits and more, get in touch with us today.