Personal Access Doors for Sheds

30 August

Need to Know:

  • It’s the little things that turn a good shed into a great shed. In this case, we’re talking personal access doors, or PA doors, as they are known in the shed business.

  • As the name suggests, these doors are used for personal access, ie: by an individual rather than by machinery or vehicles.

  • They allow quick entry, emergency access, and can be used as alternate access points within the shed.
Picture of Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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Benefits of Shed PA Doors

Ease of Access

Buffalo Built Managing Director Ross Barker says the reason shed access doors are so popular is mostly due to the fact they are a very cost-effective and easy way to improve the usability of your shed.

Using roller doors can be cumbersome and time-consuming when you just need to duck in and grab something quickly.

“It’s a lot quicker than opening up a roller door,” says Ross. "More than 90 per cent of the sheds we build will have a PA door – they are very useful and always very popular.”
Ross Barker
Ross Barker

Emergency Access

The other reason, a very important one, is that PA doors guarantee access – in or out – even when a roller door is not operating.

“If you have a motorised roller door, you need access so you can reach the door motor in the event of a power failure,” Ross says.

“From the inside, you can override the motor and switch to manual operation – but you can’t get in from the outside without a PA door.”

PA doors also provide quick exits in case of emergencies inside the shed.

Alternate Access

PA doors also give you different options for how you want to use your shed.

“If you have a one-bay partition in a shed, you can use a PA door instead of roller door access,” Ross says.

This option keeps our clients happy as it’s cost-effective and also practical, and offers security as well.

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Specifications for Personal Access Doors in Sheds

The standard PA door is 820mm, with commercial PA doors starting at a width of 920mm.

Wider custom options are also available for those who require them.

Ross also recommends looking at using a glass aluminium sliding door in some cases, which is user-friendly and also lets additional light into the space.

No matter what kind of personal access doors you choose, the Buffalo Built team is here to help you get the best shed for your needs. 

Picture of Ross Barker

Ross Barker

Managing Director, Buffalo Built

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